Together, we can easily help your customers drink the best Italian wine across the globe.

The Italian Wine Lover website is dedicated to wholesale Italian wine and is operated by Bell Italia Srl.
The Italian Wine Lover offer today consists of an extensive selection of Italian Wine and Sparkling Wine from the best wine producers from all Italian regions (3000 labels and 500 producers) dedicated to professionals.
If you are a buyer, a wine merchant or a wine distributor abroad, or if you are a restaurant, bar, hotel, wine shop or distribution company, then this program is for you.
Let us provide you with an easy supply of Italian wine that is designed for import problems. A to Z: from wine selection to logistics support (transport and customs clearance) and all with a single expert and centralized contact.
The support of Italian Wine Lover is free and without obligation. Register or contact us today!

Giuseppe Fulvio Francia

I am the founder of Bell Italia, for several years I have been working in the footwear industry, which is my main activity. In 2010 I fulfilled my dream of creating an export company of Italian food products. I speak Italian, Spanish and English.

Gianvito Di Palma

I am Bell Italia's CEO, I have been at this company since 2012. I started in management, and then I was in sales, until I made the great leap: I became a member, and CEO of the company. I speak Italian and English.

Marcello Cuccorese

I work in management and I take care of the organization and of the logistic controls, I have been here since 2015. I take care of every shipment personally, to make sure that the customer receives the goods in the most efficient and safest way. I speak Italian and English.

Marco Amato

I started working in the company in 2017 and today I am head of Marketing. I have almost twenty years experience with food and no-food in the commercial field, as well as a big passion for Made in Italy. I speak Italian and English.

Ezia Caputo

I have been at Bell Italia since 2018 as an export assistanti. I follow each of my customers with passion, because the customers allow me to grow professionally and make Bell Italia grow as well. I speak Italian, Spanish, French and English.

Giovanna Caprioli

Since February 2020, I have been sales assistant at Bell Italia. In the past I have taught languages, been an interpreter, worked in Ireland in a hotel chain and in China as an assistant producer. My Challenge today? Raising Made in Italy ever higher in the world! I speak Italian, English and Chinese.

Francesca di Benedetto

My experience with Bell Italia began in 2022 as a sales assistant. The Large-Scale Distribution sector has been my career for many years, and I have a degree in law. I speak English and French. What's my passion? Be in touch with people all over the world.