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The Italian Wine Lover website is dedicated to wholesale Italian wines and is operated by Bell Italia Srl.

The Italian Wine Lover offer today consists of an extensive selection of Italian Wines and Sparkling Wines from the best wine producers from all Italian regions (3000 labels and 500 producers) dedicated to professionals. Register, access our selection, and place your order easily with just a few clicks if you are interested in importing wines and sparkling wines directly from Italy. We'll take care of the rest.

3000 Labels of 500 Italian wineries in assortment

3000 Labels of 500 Italian wineries in assortment

There has never been an easier way to buy an excellent Italian wine! Enter your information in 3 clicks and easily access 3000 labels of Italian wines and sparkling wines from over 500 different wineries from all Italian regions. Organise your shelves, hold events like "Italian week" and make sure that your customers can always taste new Italian wines.
ItalianWineLover Beste Preise

A selection of Italian wines tailored to your needs

Save a lot of time on your orders by creating an impressive Italian wine list. Distinguish yourself from non-original menus and enjoy the benefits of having a single point of contact, from your order to your invoice, from shipment to customs clearance. Creating a menu that stands out and doesn't look like anyone else's is our specialty.
ItalianWineLover Les commandes, comme vous les voulez

Orders like you want

With a minimum order of just 30 boxes, we impose no rule on the shipment composition. One example is that you can order 100 boxes of wine different by type and cellar, or you can order single product pallet, or you can order whole trucks. If you are a buyer, a wine merchant or a wine distributor abroad, or if you are a restaurant, bar, hotel, wine shop or distribution company, then this program is for you.
ItalianWineLover Pallets Optimisation

Pallets Optimisation

Planning of the loadings and of the pallet composition in the truck to optimize the transportation costs; pictures of the pallets to document the efficiency in the preparation of the wares.
ItalianWineLover Italian products

Cut your costs and optimize your time

On a single dedicated platform, you’ll find the most comprehensive and original selection of Italian wines and Sparkling wines. Optimize your warehouse and your stock by ordering only what you need, when you need it, and when you want it, in a few clicks, without even picking up the phone. A single online platform lets you manage your supply chain from A to Z, from your phone and computer. Forget the days spent searching for lost pallets and forget about the days spent waiting to place an order. Anyhow, if you choose to call us you will be able to have language assistance.